Let’s Go: Southampton, NY

After the craziness of August and then having to proceed straight into fashion week, I made sure to request some time off directly after to decompress. While my home base is Brookville, I decided to instead head to my old second home, Southampton. I have a lot of really wonderful memories from our old home in Southampton– which my family unfortunately had to give up when I was in high school. Luckily, my grandparents still have a very small house on the bay in Amagansett. We stayed there.

It was relaxing and fulfilling for sure. No computer, no phone (I cheated once because I had to share with people how amazing the sky was on Saturday night), and sadly, no camera. I did have my music, books, and journal of course. Below is a list of the places we visited, love, and the things I did:

Beach: Little Plains Beach– At the end of our old road. I have been going to this beach since I was two years old.

Sightseeing: Montauk Point Lighthouse – We climbed the rocks all the way around the base of the lighthouse to get to the beach on the other side.

I read: Slaughterhouse Five by Vonnegut

I saw: 5 Shooting Stars, Jupiter and the most amazing sky I have seen in a really long time

I listened to: Radiohead, Whitest Boy Alive, Regina Spektor, The Cranberries

Sunday Breakfast: Babettes, East Hampton (get the brioche cinnamon swirl french toast)

Saturday Dinner: Bamboo, East Hampton

Coffee: The Golden Pear

Candy: The Fudge Company, Southampton

Best Burger: Barrister’s, Southampton

Favorite Old Establishment: Sip N’ Soda (burgers/milkshakes) which is an old fashioned diner that has been around since 1968. I have so many memories here!

Listen to live music at: The Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett

Favorite months to visit: Mid-June, September, October, November… If you haven’t visited in the fall, you are missing out.


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  1. George Andresen

    Next time out, do try a sunset at this restaurant…

    Thanks for sharing….

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