Let’s Go: Nelson A. Rockefeller Park

There are days when I definitely want to run far far away from the city. Sometimes I do hop onto the LIRR back to old Southampton where we used to call home… pass out on the beach… Or, sometimes, I try to go as far East as I can possibly go (Montauk, naturally)…

 The above picture is a place: a place where the city meets a field of grass and the water at the same time.  I obviously go here when I don’t have time for the two hour train ride… Besides, an eight minute walk from home isn’t that bad.

I have to say I am blessed to live so close to this spot. It isn’t exactly Tribeca, but more like Battery Park:  Chambers street is its border to the North, and Vessey street its border to the South. Views of the uptown skyline as well as of the Statue of Liberty can be seen just by sitting on the lawn, and I have many a times watched games of soccer as well as games of tag on jet skis. You can smell the water (which is not gross- but rather makes you feel as though you are definitely not in Manhattan). I can sit and read or write or sleep for hours at peace. Of course, a picnic is always a necessity: make sure to  pick up your cheese, crackers, and fruit at Whole Foods just three avenues East.


   For kids, there is a playground– and me being a child at heart naturally have to spend at least fifteen minutes on the swing set each time I visit.  For the adults, handball courts  as well      as several basketball courts serve to keep those more active occupied. Definitely find out when the free concerts are being held in the summer: they are definitely a wonderful way to end        the day.

    The park is opened until midnight. Take my advice and go a half hour before the sunset starts. Bring wine, cheese, and your iPod. You won’t regret it.



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